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Open File is a curatorial project by  Jack Brindley and  Tim Dixon. Begining as a blog in Feburary 2011, Open File explores ideas of curation across three platforms: live events, printed publications, and an online archive.


Producing events that reflect upon our own conditions of operation, we aim to explore the consequences of working nomadically, curating temporally, generating printed matter and archiving online. We are interested in how artworks, performances, writing and information can be collected and generated to fulfil a curatorial remit, and how they subsequently disperse as links and relationships are formed and broken.




2011 Open File 1:

Echoes (Disambiguation), Grand Union, Birmingham, UK

Pavilion Screening 23/11/11, Grand Union, Birmingham, UK

Site/Non-Site Or How Many Quarters Does Birmingham Have? Grand Union, Birmingham, UK

Virtual Space/Digital Trace, Grand Union, Birmingham, UK


2012 Open File 2:

Temporary Sites (A Proposal), MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

Admitting the Flats, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK

Symposium, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK


2012/13 Open File 3:

Hashfail, Grand Union, Birmingham, UK

Long Live the New Flesh, ICA, London, UK

Rickroll, Spike Island, Bristol, UK


2014 Open File 4:

A Rehearsal, Outpost, Norwich, UK

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