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A Rehearsal
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15 March 2014

OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich

Featuring —

15th March, 2014
OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich

Featuring; Maia Conran, Daniel Kelly, Fay Nicolson, Patrick Staff & Cara Tolmie, Jamie Sutcliffe

Do performances and durational works have a complete state? Or do they in fact exist in a constant state of ‘rehearsal,’ forever subject to potential revision or reworking? At what point do they become live?

Addressing notions of residue or trace and investigating the conditions that surround the presentation of live work, A Rehearsal utilised the live event in terms of a proposal for something that is yet to happen. In approaching the staging of performances and screenings as something that draws light to that which is peripheral and involved with process over output, we aim to consider the creative conditions of presenting a ‘live work.’ We are interested in the peripheral and the provisional and whether it is possible to stage these sincerely, without artifice or fictionalisation. A Rehearsal seeks to conflate the stages of creation and completion, presentation and re-presentation.

The event will was also accompanied by a printed publication including a text by Jamie Sutcliffe.

Works preseted:

Maia Conran – Deep within the mirror we perceive a faint line

Daniel Kelly – Love On The Lines

Fay Nicolson – WORK WITH MATERIAL (2): Visual empathy and valuable experience

Patrick Staff & Cara Tolmie – Litmus Shuffle