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Admitting The Flats
Rachel Reupke, Now wait for last year, 2007 Jamie Shovlin, Hiker Meat Admitting The Flats
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11 – 30 May 2012

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

The Brechtian idea of the fourth wall – the imaginary wall set at the front of the stage, through which the audience are looking – arose with theatrical realism. Concerned with the imaginary boundary between the work and audience Admitting the Flats took the exhibition setting as a device for the staging temporary fictions.

This screening program and related video installation presented works whose structure and form attempt to make the viewer aware of the edges of their own virtual spaces. When we see these edges the fiction comes undone and a carefully constructed space suddenly comes apart.

Launched alongside our Temporary Sites (A Proposal) event, the program was exhibited in MK Gallery’s screening room over a period of one month.

A coinciding printed publication was produced by White Room Press.

Ivan Argote Untitled (New York) 2011

Works included looped presentations of:

Stuart Croft Century City


Alia Pathan ADR

alongside a showreel featuring:

Jamie Shovlin Hiker Meat (Excerpt)

Tom Smith The Future Hasn’t Been Written Yet

Ivan Argote Untitled (New York)

Rachel Pimm Flatland

George Barber Gibberish

Rachel Reupke Now Wait For Last Year