Open File


An ongoing series of live events and screenings hosted in galleries around the UK. Grouped together in ‘series’ the Open File events accumulate works and performances to generate content for our publications and online archive.

Open File 4


A brand new series investigating the arc from rehearsal through live presentation to documentation, circulation and discourse.


Modern Art Oxford

30 August 2014

A Rehearsal

OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich

15 March 2014

Open File 3


Taking on themes of digital distribtion and virtual cultures, the third series of Open File events took place in three venues across the UK: Grand Union, Birmingham, ICA, London and Spike Island, Bristol.


Spike Island, Bristol

19 April 2013

Long Live The New Flesh

ICA, London

12 January 2013


Grand Union, Birmingham

14 December 2012

Open File 2


The second series of Open File events was comprised of two events and a screening programme at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes.  Examining the concept of temporary spaces, the series sought to ask the question; what does it mean to create a context within a context?



MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

17 June 2012

Admitting The Flats

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

11 – 30 May 2012

Temporary Sites (A Proposal)

Temporary Sites (A Proposal)

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

10 May 2012