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Stuart Croft — Century City
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The murder of an actress prompts an illogical, circular phone conversation between a detective in Cape Town and a movie director in Los Angeles. As the plot unravels so does the fiction of the film studio. Lighting rigs, camera’s and scenery flats start to interrupt the narrative and thus our attention is directed towards devices and structures deployed in film making.

This is an edited clip from the film (8 min 46 sec) which is played on a loop.

As part of ‘Admitting The Flats’ at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes this video was presented in context with: cinema, fiction, fourth wall, loop, narration, repetition and television alongside works by the following artists: Alia Pathan, George Barber, Ivan Argote, Jamie Shovlin, Rachel Pimm, Rachel Reupke, Stuart Croft and Tom Smith.