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Steven Dickie — Age-Related Hearing Loss (video)
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Steven Dickie and Stuart Bannister’s Age Related Hearing Loss was a sound performance taking inspiration from the controversial Mosquito Device, a deviced deployed in public spaces where groups of youths tended to congregate. As we age our ability to hear high-pitched frequencies fades. The Mosquito Device ensured it drove only the young out of these spaces by playing sounds that only people below about 25 years old could hear.

Dickie and Bannister attempt to bring these frequencies down to a level we can all appreciate through the use of electronic bat-detectors.

See also Age Related Hearing Loss (audio)

As part of a series of events at Grand Union, Birmingham, ‘Echoes (disambiguation)’ brought together work by artists Solina Hi-Fi, Jack Brindley and Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan & Louie Rice. This performance can be considered in relation to the following: audio, documentation, frequency, noise, social space, sound and video.